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Learning the tools

I’ve been playing with RapidWeaver and Stacks. They do appear to be very powerful tools, but ones that aren’t really all that well documented for the newcomer to web design and creation. One of the nice things about them, however, is that you don’t need to know HTML to use them. I’m sure it would be helpful to know HTML, but you can do some pretty powerful stuff without it. I’ll likely add some galleries here while learning the various image viewing options available.

In which I begin to learn about web publishing

I’ve long had a blog in one form or another, but I’ve always done it through blogging sites such as LiveJournal or Blogger. I’ve never tried to run one through my own website. And I’ve never tried to create and manage a website beyond Apple’s MobileMe through iWeb, which isn’t much more difficult than using Blogger, or writing blog posts in MacJournal and telling it to send it to a blog. Basically, I’m a n00b to web site creation, and publishing my own website. So if this seems a particularly juvenile and basic site, that’s because it is. Hopefully it will improve over time as I figure out what I’m doing. Until then, please bear with me while I train myself.